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Our nicotine products

Alchem International is a leading global manufacturer of natural nicotine and nicotine complexes for use in tobacco substitutes, including e-cigarettes, nicotine patches, nicotine gums and nicotine lozenges. Our high purity nicotine EP/USP is:

  • naturally derived and stable
  • manufactured in our WHO GMP-licensed and US FDA-audited pharmaceutical production plant
  • available promptly from stock from our European warehouse
  • delivered, duty paid, in EU free circulation

Our nicotine ingredient range includes:

  • Pure nicotine EP/USP: pure liquid nicotine for customers to process further in line with their own product specifications
  • Diluted nicotine EP/USP: standardised and custom liquid nicotine dilutions with vegetal glycerine, mono propylene glycol and distilled water, providing “ready to flavour” solutions and improved safety for handling in production. Standard products are available from stock:
    - Nicotine 10.0% wt/vol diluted with vegetal glycerine
    - Nicotine 7.2% wt/vol diluted with vegetal glycerine
    - Nicotine 10.0% wt/vol diluted with mono propylene glycol
    - Nicotine 7.2% wt/vol diluted with mono propylene glycol
    Custom dilutions made to order per your own specification.
  • Nicotine bitartrate dehydrate: a pure, water-soluble crystalline salt of nicotine (powder format) for use in lozenges, gums and other fast-acting applications
  • Nicotine polacrilex: nicotine powder bound with an ion-exchange resin to maximise nicotine release and absorption through the oral mucosa. Suited to lozenges and gums

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Alchem nicotine is used extensively in e-cigarettes and other nicotine replacement products throughout Europe and the rest of the world.

e-cigarettes: since their introduction in 2006, e-cigarettes have reached an estimated market size of nearly 5,000,000 European users1 and a value of €400 – 500 million2 . Their rapid growth is expected to continue as consumers choose to avoid tobacco products. E-cigarette legislation varies across Europe and is changing. So Alchem’s liquid nicotine is manufactured to the highest possible standards under WHO GMP conditions and subject to rigorous analytical controls to ensure the highest purity and lowest impurity levels. This ensures compliance with even the strictest regulations, as well as guaranteeing outstanding quality and consistency.

Patches, gums and lozenges: over 2 billion nicotine replacement therapy (NRT) products were sold in Europe in 20103 – an increase of over 120% in a decade. The market, valued at €560 million three years ago, is still growing strongly as new delivery devices are developed. Alchem produces pharmaceutical-grade liquid nicotine and nicotine powder complexes specifically for these applications in facilities audited by the US FDA and WHO GMP and supported by Drug Master Files (DMFs) for medicinal registration.

1 Economic analysis of the EU market of tobacco, nicotine and related products, Matrix Insight, June 2013
2 A case for e-cigarettes, Prof Gerry Stimson, Drink and Drugs News, August 2013
3 Economic analysis of the EU market of tobacco, nicotine and related products, Matrix Insight, June 2013

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Tobacco Absolute broads our range of nicotine products and is ready to buy!

Our Tobacco Absolute is obtained by extraction and distillation of tobacco leaves.

Tobacco absolute is a dense, viscous and thick liquid with brown to blackish colour and has an intensive tobacco smell and taste with woody and leather notes.
Botanical name: Nicotiana Tabacum extract
Plant part used: Leaves
Method of manufacture: extraction
Mix it in your e-liquids and reproduce the flavour of the real cigarette taste!
Delivery from stock in Europe.

For more information, to order a sample or if you need technical support or expertise, please contact us.

European supply

At Alchem, we understand that availability is just as important to you as quality. We hold substantial nicotine EP/USP stocks in Europe and have a dedicated European customer service and sales office, which means:

  • We can deliver high purity nicotine liquids and powders of superior quality, quickly and duty paid in the EU
  • You can deal directly with a European based sales, warehouse and logistics team
  • Your supply is secured because you buy directly from the manufacturer, not a reseller or distributor
  • Our European customer service is professional and responsive

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Why Alchem?

We understand that e-cigarette, e-liquid and nicotine replacement therapy manufacturers have several potential providers of nicotine. Alchem’s aim is to be your supplier of choice by offering premium products, regulatory support and excellent service at the right price.

The benefits of Alchem’s nicotine liquids and powders are:

  • 100% natural origin
  • Exceptionally low level of impurities, exceeding EP/USP nicotine monographs
  • Superior and consistent flavour profile, enabled by extraction from selected tobacco leaves using a proprietary process
  • Dedicated European customer service, regulatory support and stock from a well-established, global phytochemical producer

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  • Outstanding quality: production facilities regularly audited for WHO GMP and US FDA GMP
  • 25 year company history as an international supplier of high quality Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs)
  • Safety and security assured: handling, packing, shipping and storage conducted in line with pharmaceutical GMP and GDP procedures

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